Green “Eco-Friendly” Roofing

“Make The Earth Greener With Sustainable Roofing Solution – Let Nature Shine Brightly On Your Rooftop!” We believe in having green and eco-friendly roofing solutions.

Our planet is in trouble, and it’s up to us to make a change. That’s why eco-friendly roofing is so important. Green roofing is an environmentally conscious way to reduce the negative impact of traditional roofing materials on the environment. Further, it’s a great way to help lower energy costs and increase the value of your home. 

With NEMA Roofing, you can help the planet while improving your own living space. So, explore the many benefits of green roofing and learn why it’s the best choice for your home! Whether you’re looking for a more durable roof with improved insulation properties or a roof that looks great, NEMA Roofing is the perfect solution for you. Get ready to go green and save money with us!

What Do We Do? 

At NEMA Roofing, we specialize in green, eco-friendly roofing solutions. We focus on utilizing environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices to ensure that your roof is durable and protective of the planet, such as recycled rubber or recycled plastic shingles. Additionally, green roofing often includes the installation of solar panels, rainwater collection systems, or other features that help reduce energy consumption. 

Our team commits to providing energy-efficient roofing systems that reduce the environmental impact of your project. Moreover, we strive to create roofs that not only look beautiful and perform well but also help reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint. We do this all across the Ventura, CA area.

APOC 585 Armor Flex White is a moisture cure, fluid applied, high solids, silicone coating. Armor Flex White creates a shield of protection over your roof with Pond-Proof Technology and cutting edge performance. Engineered with “Green” solvent-free polymers, Armor Flex White outperforms traditional solvent and solvent-free products including asphaltic, urethane, thermoplastic and other protective coating products. Additionally, Armor Flex White has minimal impacts on the applicator or our environment. Why Armor Flex White? Because Armor Flex White Works! Armor Flex White is formulated to help reduce cooling costs, heat gain, carbon emissions, and health hazards associated with these emissions. One can lower electricity usage and utility bills. When applied according to the instructions, Armor Flex White creates a tough, flexible and resilient barrier that helps prevent damage from severe weather; and with proper maintenance, Armor Flex White will greatly extend the life of your roof!

Why Choose Us? 

At NEMA Roofing, we understand that sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial. We use green roofing systems designed to reduce urban heat island effects, helping keep your home cooler in the summer. We design our roofing services to be durable, helping to protect your home from the elements.

To add more, we use recycled roofing materials, helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Our roofing systems are designed to increase your roof’s lifespan, helping keep your roof in excellent condition for longer. Our roofing systems are designed to be lightweight and easy to install. This helps to reduce labor costs and make each spend penny valued.

Plus, our green roofing system can provide added insulation and reduce energy costs while still looking great. With NEMA Roofing, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is helping to protect the environment.

Contact Us Today and Let’s Go Green!

From solar panels to energy-efficient shingles, our team commits to providing the best green roofing solutions at your service. We offer financing options and competitive rates so you can start a green roofing project today. Call (805) 977-5949 or visit to join a thousand others in our community, standing together for the environment-saving cause.

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